One Reason More For Women To Exercise Regularly

copcar There are a lot of benefits if you exercise, and exercising is important for men and women. However, according to the latest study, conducted in New York by Roswell Park Cancer Institute, proves that women have one reason more to exercise every day. Previous studies found that exercising reduces the risk of most cancers, but the latest addition is related to cervical cancer. According to the mentioned study, regular exercising can reduce the risk of cervical cancer and it is recommended to women.

The study

The study included 128 women who had cervical cancer and their results were compared with 512 women who were checked for this cancer. All women were questioned about their exercising and other activities. At the end, when scientists compared the results, women who didn’t have enough physical activity or had it in smaller amounts, were more prone to this cancer.

About 13.000 women will be diagnosed with this cancer in this year. Most of them are above 50 years old and 15% are above 65 years of age. This is a serious issue that should be solved. The best thing and the most recommended is exercising.

Regular exercising is mandatory

Regular exercising is mandatory due to the fact it has a lot of benefits to the general health of men and women., However, women seem to have a few benefits more, so regular exercising is more important for them. Acceding to experts 150 minutes per week is enough, if you have ordinary workouts. On the other side, 75 minutes of vigorous exercises are enough and keep in mind that aerobic is an exercise that should be taken into account.

Going to the gym is important and it can be the best way to satisfy 150 minutes per week. According to experts, running and jogging are great exercises as well. Participating in some sport is a great choice as well, due to the fact it uses different muscles.

After the study in question, doctors and therapists recommend exercising even more and they try to find a way that will help people realize how much this activity is important for general health. Keep in mind that every diet recommends exercising and without it, it won’t be successful.

Exercising has a positive effect on the general health and the weight, due to the fact it burns a lot of calories and can help you get the desired weight. Trying to lose weight without exerting isn’t possible, due to the fact you must have a certain calorie intake per day, but you won’t be able to burn those calories, simply because you don’t use muscles. If you are a smoker, exercising is even more important, due to the fact it promotes the circulation and the bloodstream, so it has a positive effect on the organs and systems that smoking usually attract first and makes them less efficient. In addition, exercising promotes the oxygen levels in the brain, so it is the best way to get a clear mind, which is more than important when you try to think clearly.