Portugal Is Using Only Solar Power For 4 Days

Portugal is one of those countries where people appreciate solar energy and renewable sources of energy. As the result, this country was fully powered by solar, hydro and wind power for 4 days or 107 hours. Keep in mind that it was completely powered by these sources and the lights were on, so it is possible that the humanity eventually completely replaces conventional sources of energy. This was the answer to the announcement of Germany, which said that they used only renewable sources of energy on 15th May.

Last year, Portugal measured amazing result, where 48% of total power came from renewable sources and 22% of them were acquired from the wind. As the result, we can see the increase of uses of renewable energy sources, where solar energy is one of the best and the most important sources. Even better, this trend will continue to grow, so in the near future we can see more use of these energy sources. Keep in mind that they don’t have a negative effect on the planet and they are safe to use. In addition, we were able to see that they can actually power the entire energy grid of a country. In addition, most countries are trying to improve their energy sources that use sun, wind and water to produce the electricity. Japan is making the largest solar plant on the planet that will be located on a lake. Even better, more and more countries will start using these techniques, so eventually we will be able to save the environment and protect it from issues that could destroy it.

Portugal is one of the countries that invest a lot of money into the renewable energy sources. In last 4 years they added 550MW of the energy that is produced purely by the wind. In addition, other countries are making similar upgrades. So, Denmark produces 42% of the energy from the wind and Spain 13%.

The most common issue with renewable power sources is that people don’t believe they are effective so they are looking for a way to avoid them. At the same time, solar power is expensive to developed and use it. However, we can notice the lower price in the technology of this type, so we can expect that the prices are going to be lower in the near future. Keep in mind that adding solar panels to a home has numerous benefits. For example, your energy bill will be lower and the value of the property will be increased. Even better, this is a way to get more than needed energy that doesn’t have negative effects on the environment. It doesn’t make any gasses nor other effects that can damage the nature or the ozone.

The latest technology improvements make this energy source even more practical and better, so it is possible that in the near future, people use them more and more, until we finally power all our gadgets and items with solar energy.