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News And Release Date Of The iPhone 7

The latest addition to the world of the smartphones has to be the iPhones 7. This smartphone is more than anticipated and it is going to be one of the best smartphones on the market

The release date is scheduled for September, as usual, but there are a lot of speculations how this phone will look and what features it will have. At this moment, there are no specific details about this phone, but there are a lot of speculations. In addition, it is known that this unit won’t be severely different than a previous model, but there are differences when it comes to features.

Features and design

A well-known facts about iPhones 7 is that it will come in three, different variants. This means that potential buyers will be able to acquire iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Pro version. The differences between versions are still unknown, but we know that the most expensive version is going to be Pro and it will come with additional features. In addition, all models will be slimmer than the previous model, so the dimensions will be slightly different as well.

Smart connector that is used to connect the Smart Keyboard cover will probably be a standard feature on this unit In addition, Apple is adding, 3.5 mm jack for headphones is going to be a standard feature as well. In addition, this addition makes the device slimmer, so smaller dimensions are possible. On the other side, the best known addition to this model is going to be a dual camera system. It means that one camera will be used for certain applications and another for taking photos and selfies. The smartphone will use both cameras in some cases and the software will choose the best photos for the desired application. This isn’t the latest feature, due to the fact it was present in some older smartphones, but it is one of the most interesting features iPhone 7 will have.

The biggest change inside is going to be related to the RAM memory. The new model is going to have 3 GB of RAM, which is mandatory due to the fact it has a dual camera system. This is more than enough for all applications that can be downloaded today and it is more than important upgrade. At the same time, this RAM memory will make the iPhone 7 work stable and remove any possible bugs.

The main competition of the iPhone 7 is going to be Samsung Galaxy 7, as usual. At this moment, there are no tests and certain facts about comparing these models, but in September there will be. Apple measures increase in sale, but they are not satisfied simply because the Korean manufacturer measures bigger sales rate, thanks to their latest models, including S6 Edge and the latest 7 Edge. More and more people choose the Galaxy smartphones, simply due to the fact they are different than most smartphones. We will see is iPhone 7 going to change that.