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VR Headsets Basics: How They Work

VR Headsets are definitely something you have considered, used, and you probably have them right now. The reason why is simple. These devices are so impressive that they can make your time more interesting than ever.

At the same time, they are the perfect gift for someone and one of the most desirable ones today. For most people, these gadgets look futuristic and impressive, but they have been among us for some time, in different forms. Also, they work on a simple principle, and there are simple alternatives.

How do they work?

In order to use VR headset, you will have to use a PC, smartphone or a console and a headset, obviously. Simply explained, you will place a smartphone in VR headset (unless it already has displays). Then you will run an app or a game and the headset will place you in virtual reality. You will be able to move your hands, to look at different objects and to walk, shoot and etc. In general, you can do pretty much everything as in the real world. VR headsets have lenses that create the 3D effect. Each eye has one and in order to see how they actually work, you can close one eye and open another, then vice versa. The main point of lenses is to re-shape and create a3D picture. Keep in mind that none of latest models offer 360 degreesfield of view. This would be necessary and extremely expensive. Most of them offer 100 degrees field of view, which is enough.

How you will move

Obviously, the first and the most important point of using this gadget is to get an expression you are actually in that world that VR headset shows to you. Obviously, you will want to move, shoot, and walk or take an action. In order to do this, you can use a controller. Note: This feature is usually reserved for more expensive models.

A controller is almost identical to the one you get with a gaming console. You will use simple buttons to make the movement or grab something. In essence, you are playing a game, just it is directly in front of your eyes. This is the reason why VR headsets are also known as HMD (head mounted displays).

More advanced versions have the ability to skip usage of the controller. You will be able to use your actual hands, paired with the Leap Motion accessory. This gives you the possibility to see your hands in the virtual world. When you want to do something, you will move your hands, squeeze a hand trigger when you want to shoot and etc. This is another high-end addition that is reserved for high-end models.

Interesting movement alternatives

You will be able to control your virtual reality via Xbox One controller, voice or even a treadmill. A treadmill is used to simulate walking or running at some interesting location. For example, you can run on mars or the moon. You even get in-game direction changes that make the entire experience better.