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Low-End, Mid-Range, And High-End VR Headsets: Differences

VR stands for Virtual Reality and it is the latest hit in the world. These gadgets are more than just clever toys. They have real applications, they make social networking better and games and apps simply stunning.

You may have noticed some extremely cheap, and some extremely expensive models of this Kind. There are a lot of differences between them, so before buying it, you should know something about them.

Low-end VR headsets

Low-end or cheap VR headsets are the most affordable, obviously, and they are the simplest alternative here. You may have seen some models for $20 or slightly more and if you are thinking of buying them, you should know that these gadgets are simply made. They have plastic lenses, they are made from plastics or from cardboard and they don’t have displays.

In order to use them, you will have to place a smartphone inside of it. Then, you can watch a video you like. There are no advanced features, so looking in different directions, looking at your hands and etc. isn’t possible. On the other side, there are some advantages. These VR headsets are very comfortable, they are cheap and they look interesting.

Mid-range VR headsets

VR headsets from this range are by far the most interesting option. The quality and the features they offer may vary and it is difficult to generalize them. Some of them have their own displays, but some others require smartphones. In general, most of these models will work with the help of smartphones.

While low-end models don’t have any, advanced features, these ones may have additional sensors, focus wheels, better controls and etc. Some of the most popular manufacturers, in this field, are Samsung and LG. There are some rumors that Google is developing a VR headset for this segment. Yes, they are more expensive than cheap models, but their price is still far more affordable than the next type on the list.

High-end VR headsets

There are no simple words that can explain this segment. They are simply the outstanding VR headsets that are packed with the most advanced features, great design and high prices. Yes, they cost far more than cheap alternatives, but you get head tracking, eye tracking, and movement features. In general, you get all the latest innovations related to these gadgets.

A special addition is the amount of light they eliminate. This means that using them is more pleasant and simply more appealing. Another fact you should know is that they won’t cause motion sickness.

Nevertheless, the main difference between these and other two types is in the smartphones. High-end VR headsets don’t run on smartphones, so you will have to use a PC or a gaming console. Obviously, they have their own displays, so they are more practical and they are simply the best alternative here.

Which one to choose

Cheaper models can be bought without planning, just so you can see how VRE looks. If you already know, mid-range models are the best alternative. If you are addicted to this technology, only the high-end models should be taken into account.