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Advanced Features That Are Desirable In VR Headsets

VR headsets are head mounted monitors and they are probably something you consider to buy right now. They are amazing, in the lack of a better world.

These gadgets offer 3D video, so they make your gaming experience or experience in an app. For most people, VVR headsets are simply the new way of life.

There are entry-level models that are basically simple headsets with lenses. They are simple and they don’t have the advanced features, we will be mentioning here. On the other side, we have high-end models that can be paired with futuristic features and accessories that will maximize the experience we have mentioned. So, what those features are?

Eye tracking

The most common issue with entry-level VR headsets is the lack of the eye tracking. More advanced models have infrared sensors in them, which will track the eyes. They have an important role. Ordinary gadgets of this kind will show you all objects in the focus, which isn’t the way our brain sees things. When we focus eyesight on an item, all other is blurred.

Eye tracking monitors where your eyes look at that particular moment. They will focus the object you look right now, and all the rest will be in ablur. In essence, the point of view is different and it generates more realistic experience.

Head tracking

This feature is less advanced that the aforementioned one, but it has an important effect. It will keep track of your head movement, so it will allow you to see up, down, left and right in the game. There are sensors that measure the position of your head and allow you this capability. In addition, this feature is commonly known as six degrees of freedom (6DoF).

Different VR headsets have accomplished the same results in different ways. For example, Sony PSVR uses lights and the camera mounted on the console to track the movement of your head. Other models may use theaccelerometer, gyroscope and etc.

Leap Motion accessory

This is an addition, so it isn’t standard with VR headsets. However, it may be one of the most advanced ones and the most important you can get. The leap Motion system is used for motion tracking. In essence, a user will be able to see his hands and to see their movement in the virtual reality.

The accessory is mounted on the gadget and hands, so when you move a hand, you can see its accurate position in the virtual world. Yes, this addition is slightly more expensive than the others and it is developed for hard-core users, but it has an astonishing effect.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the latest and the most important, advanced features you can get with your VR headsets. Try to remember that all of them are designed for high-end VR headset models, so don’t expect to get them with gadgets that literally costs $30. This technology is advancing as we speak, so in the near future, the potential will be significantly improved.